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I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting from Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business. The college derives its name from Eli Broad, a renowned business leader, and a graduate of finance at Michigan State University class of 1954. In 1991, Eli committed over US$20 million to the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management and Eli Broad Graduate School of Business in what is regarded as the largest single donation ever made to a public school. His commitment is designed to assist Michigan State University’s full-time MBA program develop into the nation’s top graduate management programs. The Eli Broad College of Business is ranked among 2015’s best colleges offering business programs by U.S News. The college has approximately 6,700 students pursuing undergraduate programs and a further 980 graduate and doctoral students (Michigan State University, 2015).

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting is one of the major courses offered at Eli Broad College of Business. The course falls under the Faculty of Accounting and Information Systems. Bachelor of Arts in Accounting helps develop a learner to become a professional accountant. The course equips a student with accounting skills such as the ability to analyze information, research an issue, and communicate with eloquence. Besides, accounting also gives you the skills necessary to meet the challenges of the increasingly dynamic business environment. In accounting, organizing and keeping financial data assists in maintaining the health of a business institution. Accounting as a course helps to nurture the student have the relevant levels of competency to manage comprehensively financial, auditing, managerial and cost accounting and analyze mergers and acquisitions.

With the emergence of technology, accounting is no longer regarded as the manual bookkeeping of financial information. Currently, the course constitutes module that involves the use of computers for storing financial data. This requires the students to have an additional level of expertise in computers skills. The class typically concentrated on the studying of business related content without the need of learning information systems and computer peripherals. Through studying computer related content, the graduates stand a higher chance of securing better jobs upon completion of their education. Computer related studies offer an added level of competency to the students that are relevant to today’s needs for accounting purposes. This is because, accounting in large organizations involves the use of sophisticated software and information systems to facilitate the faster processing of financial activities.

            The class I studied in comprised of around 40 students and the instructor was still a student pursuing doctorate studies. It was a challenge for the tutor to juggle his studies and at the same time handle teach the large pool of students. One of the challenges the students faced was understanding concepts taught in class. Presently, the class faces the challenges of learning computer related studies, and this makes the instructor be incompetent. The  Eli Broad College of Business strives to be the best institution for business programs in the U.S. to achieve this objective, the institution should ensure that it hires qualified instructors who are competent in business computing so as to teach the students not only business related subjects but also matters that deal with the technological side of accounting. Additionally, the institution should formulate modules that are entirely dedicated to computer studies and information systems.

Michigan State University,. (2015). Michigan State University - Eli Broad College of Business. Retrieved 14 September 2015, from

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